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Clyde Butcher, iconic US photographer is in Keith's current book on creativity.

Stand out from the Crowd

Stand out from the Crowd

Stand out from the CrowdStand out from the CrowdStand out from the Crowd

Keith has just published our country's great photographic artist's book which is due out in early 2020. 

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Keith is recognized by his peers in journalism as the top writer in the Southeastern US. (Society of Professional Journalists). That means you get more than copy writing. You get perspective and a strategic connection to your audience. He is the journalist of record for the Casey Anthony trial in Florida (trial of the century) and is published by Harvard and Random House. He is also an in demand C-Suite research journalist.

Speaker on the media-400 paid attendance last event


Keith Draw Crowds

Keith led a panel debate with the Florida AP Pulitzer Prize winning reporter on the FBI in 2017.


Keith's speaking events are sell outs and provocative

Keith is a leading speaker at law schools. He has spoken numerous times at Stetson College of Law, most recently on Black Lives Matter.


Keith Speech to Lawyers 

See Keith's speech to Miami-Dade Public Defenders on the OJ Simpson and Casey Anthony trials.

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Keith will edit and publish an E-book and Print book for $400 (professionals only) for a limited time. Schedule a call or meeting soon.


Tom James (CEO Raymond James Financial) and John Auer (CEO ASI) wrote book  forewords for Keith's clients in 2019.